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Dear Reader,

This is Nicholas W. Lee, Esq., author of TNLawyerLee.wordpress.com.  This being my first post, it seemed appropriate to introduce myself and to explain what I hope to achieve with this law blog.

About Nicholas Lee

I’m an Attorney at Law with Eshbaugh, Waters, Strange-Boston & Kern in Knoxville Tennessee.  If you would like to learn more about me or my practice, please feel free to visit my website by clicking here.  In short, I attended undergraduate at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, where I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy.  I then attended the University of Tennessee College of Law, where I focused my studies on Trial Advocacy and Dispute Resolution.  While at UT, I busied myself with a great many activities, ranging from Law Review to Moot Court to Clinics (as I write that, I understand many people have not gone to law school and so might not know what all of these activities are – please watch out for my next post, where I will explain what many law school activities entail).  In May of 2011, I graduated with my Doctorate of Jurisprudence and subsequently went to work for Eshbaugh, Waters, Strange-Boston & Kern.

Since I have began in the practice of law, I have limited myself mainly to practicing in a few areas of law: criminal defense, juvenile defense, civil litigation, and administrative law.  I am not, however, a currently certified specialist in any area of law in the State of Tennessee.

About TNLawyerLee

I started TNLawyerLee with the hopes that I could write for the average person (who has little to no legal experience about the law).  It is my hope that I can provide informational, yet enjoyable, posts about the law and law related topics.

One anticipated topic area includes the “Basics of Law,” where I will discuss topics ranging from courtroom procedure to explanations of the crimes of DUI or assault.  I also hope to talk about how the law might apply to different things in the news in posts under “In the News.”  Another topic area, and one which I am very excited to write about, will be a topic area entitled “Technology,” where I will take a new piece of technology (often unheard of by many readers) and ask how the development of that piece of technology might change the law or be affected by the law.

In conclusion, I hope that TNLawyerLee will entertain you and also show you a little about the law and how it works.  If you ever have a topic that you are interested in reading about, please let me know by emailing me at Nicholas@TNLawyerLee.com.  If you enjoy TNLawyerLee, please “like” my Facebook page by clicking here.  And, if you or someone you know ever have a legal problem in Tennessee, please feel free to contact me (www.TNLawyerLee.com).

Yours Truly,

Nicholas W. Lee, Esq.


The author of TNLawyerLee is Nicholas W. Lee, Esq., an attorney in Knoxville, Tennessee.  If you or someone you know need an attorney, please click here for Mr. Lee’s contact information and contact him today for a free consultation.  Also, please feel free to visit Mr. Lee’s website, www.TNLawyerLee.com or follow his page on Facebook for updates as to his law practice or new posts to TNLawyerLee by clicking here.

The information on this site is general information and should not be construed as legal advice. Every case is unique and you should consult with an attorney in your state about the specific details of your case. Nothing on this site or in correspondence with Nicholas Lee or his agents shall be construed as forming an attorney-client relationship and information you send prior to the forming of an attorney-client relationship may not be kept confidential. Neither this site nor correspondence with Nicholas Lee or his agents shall be construed as a promise nor as undertaking a duty regarding you or your case. Nicholas Lee and his agents are not retained as your legal counsel unless a valid written Representation Agreement is reached regarding your specific case.

Copyright © 2012. Nicholas W. Lee, Attorney at Law. All rights reserved. This site’s content may not be used without the prior written consent of Nicholas Lee.


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